Sharon Doyle is a multi-talented business woman, actress, producer, environmentalist, activist, brand ambassador, celebrity journalist and press agent.

Sharon has been a top seller of high-end business systems software receiving over 20 awards for top sales person. She has run a successful consulting business for many years wherein she has appeared in over 700 Infomercials for her clients and has helped more than 8000 businesses worldwide through her business seminars and through her grant writing initiatives.

As an actress Sharon has appeared in such movies as "Scarface" with Al Pacino, the "Color of Money" with Paul Newman and Robby Benson, a body building documentary about Arnold Schwarzeneggar, the TV Series "The Chronicles", the 2014 NAMM Foundation PSA "Bring More to Life",  and the movie "Fierce Target" which is due out in 2017. She has appeared multiple times on radio shows such as "The Bob Stahl Radio Show" as well as having multiple guest appearances on KPRZ Radio.

In 2011 Sharon started the record label "The LOVE Records" (Love Our Vulnerable Earth), and published the LOVE CD which she produced to raise awareness, through music, about the issues we are facing on Earth, blending young and in-experienced artists from around the world with more experienced artists in the music industry. The LOVE Records has spawn a new genre of music globally. The LOVE song was featured in an experimental short film produced and directed by Sharon Doyle called "Tesla" which has been nominated for multiple awards and has been seen by thousands of people in the science exhibit at the Tesla Museum. She has fought relentlessly to bring awareness to environmental issues and sustainability issues and has educated many individuals from all walks of life on how they can make a difference in their own communities as well as around the world.

Sharon works as a Celebrity Journalist covering activities related to such events as the Oscars, the Grammys, the Emmys, as well as a wide variety of fashion shows, film festivals, charity and network events, and hosts many special events around the world.

Sharon has always believed in charity. From the age of five she has helped her father build ice castles for the St. Paul Winter Carnaval. Throughout her life ,she has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for such charities as the March of Dimes, American Cancer Society, Cruise 4 Kids, International Testicular Cancer Foundation, "Say No to Dog Meat", and she will be participating in the 2016 Aids Walk in Los Angeles this fall.

Sharon is a Brand Ambassador for several products, individuals and groups such as Koo Koo Liquer, 9to5 Seating, Kiss the Monkeys, Ionica Fashions and Lisa Nichols. She has recently joined Kiss the Monkeys, San Diego chapter, which is a progressive networking group with over 6,000 members from many diverse backgrounds.

Sharon Doyle will be competing in the 2016 Mrs. Diversity News Pageant as the 2016 Mrs. Diversity News San Diego contestant. This pageant will be held on November 5, 2016 at the Performing Arts Education Center in Agoura Hills, CA.